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Moisture Analyser

Moisture Analyzer

Fast and efficient, the PMB moisture analyzer by Adam Equipment provides an alternative to the time-consuming method of oven testing. The PMB not only hastens the drying process, it minimizes the possibility of burning a sample, which can produce false results. PMB uses the basic "loss-on-drying" technique to simultaneously weigh and heat the sample, reducing the testing period and providing greater measurement accuracy. In many cases, the PMB can replace traditional oven testing and also the Karl Fischer titration method of analyzing moisture.


Analytical Balances

Analytical Balances

For many laboratory applications, a balance with a high level of precision is essential for weighing samples. Adam Equipment's analytical balances provide readabilities to 0.1mg and can perform tasks such as formulation, density determination, purity analysis and conformance testing.


Precision Balances From Adam Equipment

Precision Balances

Equipped with a multitude of intuitive features and functions, Adam Equipment's top-loading precision balances are well-suited for laboratory use, quality control testing, manufacturing operations and production applications.



Compact Balances

Compact Balances

Adam Equipment's portable compact precision balances are the right choice for labs, classrooms field settings or manufacturing operations. Lightweight and easy to operate, they are powered by AC adapter or battery, allowing use in the field or at remote testing locations where electricity is unavailable.

Bench and Floor Scales

Bench and Floor Scales

Adam Equipment's durable bench and floor scales provide dependable weighing solutions for a wide variety of industries. Simple to operate, these industrial scales offer the functions and features needed to improve efficiency and increase productivity in factories and warehouses, on assembly lines or loading docks, during shipping and receiving activities, and at manufacturing locations.



Legal For Trade Scales

Legal for Trade Scales

Adam Equipment offers scales and balances that have been approved by NMI, EU, NRCS, and NTEP for use in trade. Businesses offering goods for sale by weight are required to use approved scales to ensure that consumers are receiving exactly what they pay for. That includes establisments that sell food and alcohol, produce, livestock feed, firewood, liquid fuel, landscaping materials, precious metals and stones, mechanical and construction parts, and prepackaged products .

Mechanical Balances

Mechanical Balances

Adam Equipment offers mechanical balances for applications requiring fast, easy weighing without electricity or battery power. Several kinds of mechanical balances are widely used through the world. The triple-beam balance is one of the most popular types, as it is simple to use and transport. It features a weighing pan and counter weights, and offers speedy calibration using the weights that frequently are provided with the balance. Triple-beam balances are commonly used in classroom settings to weigh powders and bulk ingredients.


Calibration Weights

Calibration Weights

With a choice of sizes and combinations, Adam Equipment's weights simplify external calibration on precision balances. Weights are packaged in sets or individually, and are crafted of rugged cast iron or highly polished stainless steel.


Washdown Scales

Washdown Scales

Adam Equipment offers a broad selection of durable, IP66-rated washdown scales for all types of weighing tasks. All washdown scales can be thoroughly hosed down or washed with a pressure washer, as they incorporate stainless steel parts and watertight seals. Ideal for use in many industries, Adam washdown scales are well-suited for weighing food and beverages, powders, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or for any application needing a sealed scale for wet or dusty environments. This allows for removal of any residual particles after weighing, which minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination, removes dirt build-up and helps eliminate the growth of bacteria, mold or other toxins.


Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet Truck Scale

Whether it's in the warehouse, on a production floor, or at the shipping and receiving dock, Adam Equipment's PTS pallet truck scale is designed to handle the rigors of any industrial or manufacturing setting.



Platform Scales

Platform Scales

Adam Equipment offers a range of platform scales designed with features for demanding, heavy-duty weighing in factories, shipping and receiving departments, warehouses, and loading docks. They are ideal for weighing large boxes, shipping crates, pallets, heavy luggage and other oversized items. Fabricated of durable steel, Adam's platform scales feature a diamond-textured surface to provide stability and traction.


Weighing Indicators From Adam Equipment


Flexible and affordable, Adam Equipment indicators are well-suited for use in warehouses, production lines, shipping and receiving departments, and during packaging, processing and inventory control jobs. From basic models to IP66-rated washdown versions, Adam's indicators deliver the durability and versatility needed to perform weighing and counting tasks.


Cap Sealers

Why choose induction sealing?

A hermetic induction seal prevents bottles from leaking, provides tamper evidence and preserves product freshness.

Why choose Enercon? Our induction sealers are the world’s leading cap sealing brand. Super Seal™ induction sealing technology has sealed over 50 billion containers around the planet. From manual hand held cap sealing to high performance production line cap sealers Enercon offers the most diverse range of induction sealer technology on the market.

Our Achieve a Perfect Seal pledge guarantees you access to the industry’s most comprehensive induction sealer support. From free induction sealer application testing, to field service and support we’ll help you Achieve a Perfect induction seal to protect your products, improve your productivity and safeguard your reputation.

Enercon’s global application expertise in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, healthcare, cosmetic, chemical, petroleum and other packaging industries are world class. And our innovative people are committed to your cap sealing success. We invite you to contact us to review your next induction cap sealer project.

Induction Sealing Machines


Super Seal™ Max Induction Cap Sealer

For High Speed Induction Cap Sealing

The all new Super Seal Max induction cap sealer creates a hermetic seal that prevents leaks, preserves freshness and preserves shelf life at performance levels never before possible. Enercon’s engineers have designed this sealer to deliver up to twenty percent more sealing capacity than its predecessor - making it the ideal choice for high speed packaging lines and challenging applications.

Increased cap sealing capacity is just the beginning. A new touch screen interface with one-click-away navigation intuitively unlocks a host of features that packagers will love. Complete cap inspection and container rejection operations are fully integrated, supervisory password security ensures proper operating settings and recipe management enables repeatable results for each container setup.

A full complement of bottle & foil counts, internal monitoring of all critical operating data, descriptive fault information, troubleshooting support, universal voltage input compatibility (200-240V), remote and local control modes and network connectivity make this the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive induction cap sealer. It is currently available in the United States, Canada and Europe. Meanwhile the first generation Super Seal™ Max continues to be available in the rest of the world.



Super Seal™ Touch Induction Sealer

Get In Touch with the New Super Seal Touch

More productivity, easier set-up and more control. And that’s only the beginning...

The Super Seal™ Touch is the realization of a concept developed by Enercon's mechanical, electrical, service and sales teams. Ryan Schuelke Enercon's Cap Sealing Sales Director says, "Improving upon Enercon’s industry leading Super Seal™ design is a tremendous achievement for our development team and a great breakthrough for the industry. New performance standards include up to twenty percent more sealing power, a seventy-five percent reduction in cap inspection setup time and network connectivity. With an advanced touch screen interface the Super Seal™ Touch puts packagers in touch with their induction sealing operation like never before."

Watch the video from the Super Seal™ Touch Development Team or scroll down to learn about the powerful features of this system.






Super Seal™ Cap Sealer

The most popular induction cap sealing machine in the industry

Enercon's most popular cap sealer, the Super Seal

Enercon's Super Seal™ induction cap sealers are the industry standard for cap sealing.

The Super Seal™'s reputation for reliable performance is well deserved. These remarkable induction cap sealers have sealed over 25 billion containers at production facilities around the globe.

Superior mechanical and electrical design make these sealers the most popular choice of packagers looking for reliable performance and ease of operation. The compact all-in-one power supply and sealing system requires little floor space and virtually no maintenance.

Enercon's expertise also plays a significant role in the successful application of the Super Seal™ technology. Our engineering team has developed an assortment of custom sealing heads to meet almost every cap sealing requirement imaginable. Matching the sealing head to an application optimizes productivity and efficiency.

The base model Super Seal™ induction cap sealing machine is loaded with features that meet the requirements of most applications head-on. Standard microprocessor control and convenient plug-in induction sealing heads have recently been added to enhance the machine's performance. The advanced capabilities of the Super Seal™ Touch induction cap sealer  and Super Seal™ Max induction cap sealer  provide packagers with even more performance enhancing features.


Super Seal™ Jr Hand Held Induction Sealer

Our most compact and portable induction sealer to date

Super Seal Jr, induction sealing equipment

Enercon's new Super Seal™ Jr offers an unprecedented combination of sealing capability, portability, and production flexibility from an incredibly small footprint. How small? At 3" x 8.25" x 10.5" (76mm x 210mm x 267mm) it requires only one-fifth the space of its portable predecessor the Compak™ Jr. And, it seals everything from the smallest closures to 120 mm wide-mouth containers.

Unlike manual induction sealing systems over twice its size, the Super Seal™ Jr. offers packagers premium flexibility and portability. The unit's compact design and high level performance is a direct result of forward-thinking electronic architecture which features a proprietary device switching technique. This induction sealer is ideal for laboratory applications, manual or hand held production, off-line testing; and startup operations with aspirations of increased productivity.

An operator friendly display completes this powerful hand held induction cap sealer. Users will benefit from a digital sealing timer, missing foil indicator, as well as an electronic batch and foil counter.

When you need to transport or store the Super Seal™ Jr simply pack it into its convenient carrying case. This unit does not require water or special power so it can be used virtually anywhere. The Super Seal™ Jr. is extremely simple to handle, carry and operate and is the perfect answer to your portable induction sealing needs.








Viacode T Series

Viacode L Series

A cost effective and reliable alternative to labels


Viacode L Series high resolution printers represent the latest industrial ink-jet
technology available.
The Viacode provides exceptional print resolution and versatility along with
unparalleled levels of readability. Ideal for printing on porous materials, the L-Series
printheads perform in a comprehensive range of challenging packaging and industrial
The L Series high resolution printheads are operated by the new Viacode platform.
Viacode makes message programming simple and helps manage multiple production
lines and printhead groups from a single interface. This printer is capable of printing
TrueType fonts scalable from 5/64” to 64” in print. An EZ Touch user interface allows
for simple and intuitive creation and selection of messages that includes
alphanumeric text, barcodes,and graphics.

  • Up to 12,7 mm images with a L-12 print head, 25 mm images with a L-25
    head and 50 mm images with a L-50 head.
  • 8”, 12” and 15” touch screen display
  • Images can be displayed for each production line.
  • Effortless integration with ERP/MRP or WMS systems.

Viacode L SeriesViacode L Series







Viacode L Series







Viacode L Series                            


Viacode L Series Viacode L Series




Viacode L Series


Matthews SX32

 The flexible and expandable marking system

A new generation of user friendly ink-jet printers

• Icon based user interface
• Fast and easy to learn and operate
• Print on porous or non-porous surfaces
• Choice of many printheads operated from the same control module


The I-mark SX32 is a power ful and flexible solution for all industrial environments. Due to the wide selection of print heads available for this system, it is possible to print anything from 0.2’’ text to 5’’ high resolution graphics and the IP42 classification guarantees safe usage in any industrial environment regardless of dust or vibrations.


Simple and expandable.  That’s the foundation of our I-Mark line of large character ink jet printers, and the SX32 is the benchmark for the industry.  Matthews designed the SX32 to be a compact unit that is easily mounted and simple to start-up, with a simple and intuitive interface.


Simple This system is not only easy to install and start up, it is also very simple to use as it features an icon based menu structure which gives a good overview of the different options.

This in combination with a selection of “hot keys” on the keyboard minimizes the risk of errors made by user.


Expandable The I-mark SX32 can be used with any 7, 16 or 32 valve print head from our

Standard 3000 or 8000 series. Installing the system requirews very little space. Several print heads can be operated from the same work station and the mounting of the control unit is flexible the system also enables double sided marking.

The SX32e controller is configured with Matthews’ 8000+ Series or Standard Series printheads, which are known world-wide for their reliable and rugged design, as well as cost-effective performance.   With the various ink options available, the application solutions are limitless.








Matthews sx3


Matthews sx3

Matthews sx3

                  Matthews sx32




                                                                                                          Print Formats (built-in)      

Graphics, variable text, bold, light, inverse, standard Julian date formats, real-time clock,

automatic daylight savings time, delay function, repeat print, up/down counters,

alphanumeric and shift codes, upper and lower case characters, industrial bar codes.






                          Semen                                                 Plate Baja                                                  Plate Alumunium



                     Baja Ringan








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