Sartorius Intec is a part of the Minebea Group, which is the world’s leading comprehensive manufacturer of high precision ball bearings and components also a provider of innovative and high quality precision technologies. 


 FAM International

Fam International is the new division of Fam Favata Advanced Marking, a company founded in 1954.

Fam International designs and distributes globally coding and marking equipment, fluids and accessories to meet customers product identification requirements: independent ink cartridges, inkjet and videojet ink printer solutions, and many other products.



 Inzpect Technologies Inc

We have envisioned that we Filipinos would be able to validate our ingenious qualities and best workmanship and prove the world that we can do what they can do and even more.



TMS-Lite is design and manufacturer of LED Lightings and Controls for machine vision illumination and OEM replication.