The A120 ink jet printer

Value without compromise



With clever design the entry level

A120 reduces your costs while meeting

many of your general purpose coding needs.






Simplicity and value

From the moment you press the start

button the A120 delivers great value.

The clever design has reduced consumables

usage while maintaining all of the strengths

and value that the market has come to

expect from the world’s best selling

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer.

Our entry level A120 is capable of meeting

the need for a wide range of common

applications where up to 3 lines of code

is required.




A diverse range of applications

Domino’s A120 is ideal for many coding applications
where up to 3 lines of code is needed

Auto codes for best before dates         Traceability codes



Clear and easy to read codes               3 lines of code





30 years of Domino ink jet reliability doesn’t
happen by chance
295BK ink from Domino
• Quality design      • Quality process
• Quality materials  • Quality people
Domino’s 295BK is at the heart of the printer …






Simple to use – for stress free lines


  The simple to use Field Based
  Editor allows you to create
  complex messages while reducing
  the need for operator training.



  Eliminate coding errors with our
  in-built security manager.
A wide range of print formats and speed/quality

settings are all available from the simple User Interface.


Simplicity and value – all this from an
entry level printer

Simplicity and value
If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for 3-line coding,

then the A120 is the printer you need:

all in a rugged stainless steel IP55 cabinet.
Your costs are kept under control through our advanced ink

system with our inks delivering low MU usage and

extended reservoir life.






Easy to live with – because your time is precious

   You can leave the A120 to get on
   with the job, through start up after
   start up and shut down after shut
   down, knowing that it will do more
   to perform with consistent quality

Just press a single button and walk away. We call it SureStart. It’s
our unique print head with a nozzle sealing and flushing process that
guarantees consistent performance.

Combined with good filtration, an independently heated head and
measured viscosity control, Domino’s A120 does more to ensure it
keeps working.








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