MDE (Economy) Metal Detector

Premium and Economy series metal detectors

The secure choice for production lines

Process reliability and product safety

Recently, consumers' demands and expectations
have become increasingly discriminating
with regard to product quality.
This growing awareness of quality is reflected
by new laws and regulations affecting
the products and production processes of
practically every manufacturer.
Sartorius has risen to the challenge of meeting
the needs of producers and users alike.
Sartorius – the partner you can rely
on for process optimization.
Metal contamination is a significant
production risk, and can damage both the
profitability and reputation of a supplier.

Sartorius metal detectors and rejection systems
reliably search out metal particles and
sort out contaminated products.
They put the key to ISO 9000/ISO22000
as well as HACCP and IFS in your hands –
and enable you to assure your customers
maximum product quality thanks to optimal
detection sensitivity that meets all applicable
legal requirements.
In addition, they reduce your machine
downtime and cut your production losses.
Let us help you increase the quality
of your products!


 We make your production line safer


Sartorius metal detectors consist
of a full range of mechanical and
electronic components that can
be combined to meet your individual
expectations and needs.
We offer various mechanical
product solutions with the
following codes:
“C” stands for compact range,
which is the all-in-one system –
search coil and electronics with
integrated power supply all in
a single housing.
“P” is for pipe range that is based
on a round search coil for easy
integration into pipelines.
“H” stands for “head only,“
which means a separate search
coil to be connected to a remote
“S” is for “small” range, which
consists of exceptionally slim
search coils for installation in
extremely tight spaces or combined
with in checkweighers.
The HD type is a special,
dust-tight, washdown-resistant
version that will stand up to the
worst environmental conditions.
Our wide range of products
offers solutions for practically
all installation conditions.

Moreover, we provide two
different versions of electronic
units to meet your specific needs:
MDE with a fixed frequency –
the attractively priced solution
in a rugged design for inspection
of most products.
MDP – the premium, multifrequency
system that operates
in three selectable ranges from
60 kHz to 1 MHz with special
filter technology. Even in critical
production processes or in
products with a high degree
of electrical conductivity, metal
contaminants are reliably
































Various drive
Three-phase AC motor
Three-phase AC motor with
frequency converter
DC motor
Conveying options:
Plastic chains Belt
Round belts

High pressure resistant,

stainless steel enclosure

for stringent hygiene





Reliable ejection of






Open, easy-to-clean







DSP computing power and digital filters
for the best possible noise suppression
The latest technology ensures maximum
sensitivity toward all kinds of metal for
different products
Automatic self-monitoring and quality
assurance routines ensure uninterrupted
functional reliability
Stainless steel housing (AISI 304/BS 304) for maximum hygiene requirements according to HACCP Tight-space installation capacity Search coil, electronics and complete systems … choose the component options for optimal detection sensitivity in your individual application







User-friendly operation

Operator prompting in three languages
and an optional fourth language, so anyone
can operate the unit.
Online help via display for any function
(accessible by the “?” key) – to make an
annoying missing manual situation a thing
of the past
Joker key (programmable) for extra-fast
access to a frequently used function – which
makes operation of the unit even quicker
and easier
Learn key, for quick “learning” of the product
effect, guarantees automatic accommodation
of production-specific changes
Changeable passwords prevent unauthorized
tampering with the unit
Context-sensitive, menu-driven dialogues
provide clear, easy-to-understand user
The large, backlit display is easy to read


Comprehensive documentation

Metal-detected and error messages are logged immediately following their   occurrence change affecting the unit automatically produces a printout of a new report Different reports document the plant status
and all in-process events Various optional interfaces are available Interfacing with Sartorius ProControl for ® software allows monitoring in
accordance with HACCP concepts



System components …
designed precisely for your production lines














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