EWK 3010 Weighing Electronics




In combination with a Minebea weighing system, the EWK 3010 weighing electronics yields a high-performance
checkweigher. Such „automatic checkweigher” can be employed for 100 % checking, sorting and evaluation of
weight data of products packed in folding boxes, cartons, bags, cans, cups, etc.
Areas of use are the check of the weight data according to the automatically calculated limits in conformity
with finished-package regulations, check of finished-packages on the base of 4 free selectable class limits,
check for completeness and service as regulating weigher.
Advanced industrial PC-technology with 32 bit multitascing user system and fast end trouble free connection
to peripherical equipment by CANopen communication interfaces. Sophisticated analysis and synoptic representation
of weight values provides abundant characteristic production data. With these configurations the checkweigher forms
the optimal core of a quality control system. With the corresponding options the connection to a super-ordinate
SQS system like Minebea ProControl for Windows (SPCfWin) is possible.










Sartorius Ewk 3010