Dataman 470 Series Barcode Readers

Premium fixed-mount barcode readers for the most challenging applications

DataMan 470 series fixed-mount barcode readers solve complex, high-throughput manufacturing and logistics applications with ease. DataMan 470’s multi-core processing power, new HDR+ imaging technology, high-resolution sensor, advanced algorithms, and simple setup delivers maximum coverage, speed, and ease-of-use.

DataMan 470 excels at reading a wide range of codes including:

▪ Challenging 1D, 2D, and direct part mark (DPM) codes

▪ Multiple 1D and 2D codes with mixed symbologies

▪ Small Data Matrix codes

▪ Severely damaged 1D codes










Fast, powerful performance solves challenging applications

The DataMan 470 barcode reader has seven powerful processing cores, enabling it to run multiple algorithms and processes in parallel at astonishing speeds. It reads challenging 1D and 2D codes in varied locations, as well as multiple mixed symbologies simultaneously while maintaining the highest decode rates.










High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging uses the latest CMOS image sensor technology which is 16x more detailed than conventional sensors. HDR takes advantage of the extra available image data to globally enhance image quality and contrast.

HDR+ is an advanced, patentpending algorithm that stretches the boundaries of HDR technology by further increasing localized contrast changes automatically. This creates a more uniformed image in a single acquisition allowing greater depth-of-field, faster line speeds, and improved handling of difficult codes.

Greater Depth-of-Field

HDR+ reduces over- and under-exposure, providing greater depth-of-field, above and beyond HDR technology and conventional imaging sensors.

Faster Line Speeds

HDR+ significantly reduces exposure times, increasing line speed possibilities by more than 80%.

Improved Code Handling

HDR+ allows DataMan 470 to adjust contrast ranges to read difficult codes with variant backgrounds that cannot be read with conventional technology.

99.9% read rates for optimal throughput and traceability


DataMan 470 series is optimized with patented technologies and advanced algorithms to ensure continuously high read rates of 1D and 2D symbologies, regardless of size, quality, printing method, or surface.

1 HPIL denotes one of the DM360-HPIL-RE or DM360-HPIL-RE-P accessories.

2 In situations where the operating temperature exceeds 40 °C, an external heat sink is required.