Industrial Sensors: Checker

The simple, powerful vision sensors from Cognex.

The Checker vision sensor is an award winning all-in-one industrial sensor with built in camera, processor, lighting, optics, and I/O capable of detecting and inspecting up to 6,000 parts per minute all in an industrial IP67 enclosure small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces.

Checker vision sensors help our customers reduce their production costs and optimize quality by:

  • Reducing scrap
  • Reducing downtime and maintenance
  • Providing easy setup and maintenance by factory personnel
  • Simplifying the overall system design
  • Displaying and recording images
  • Eliminating the need for costly fixturing
  • Eliminating PLC programming
  • Replacing multiple photo electric sensors with fewer industrial sensors

Integrate Checker 4G Into Your Factory Network

The new Checker 4G vision sensor by Cognex offers the same powerful and easy-to-use setup Checker is known for plus Ethernet networking for remote setup and monitoring, PLC communication through EtherNet/IP (EIP) and PROFINET, and the ability to save inspection images to an FTP server.

Powering factory automation with Checker 4G enables:

  • Remote setup and display - Ethernet communication
  • PLC Communication - PROFINET and EIP (w/AOP)
  • A visual record of your inspections (FTP Images)

Checker 4G with Ethernet easliy integrates into your factory network. From one PC, you can remotely setup and display Checker sensor(s) on your network, communicate to your PLC, and FTP transfer an unlimited amount of images for storage and/or review.



Wheels and Tire inspection for insdustrial


Glue Inspection



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