Dataman 100/200 Series

With industry-leading barcode reading software performance and a small, industrial-rated housing, the DataMan 100/200 series provides high performance for 1-D and 2-D applications. These fixed-position barcode readers are available in multiple models to best match your application.

Unmatched Barcode Reading Performance
With proprietary 1DMax for the best-in-class reading of 1-D barcodes and 2DMax+™ for the ability to read even the most difficult 2-D matrix codes, the DataMan 100/200 series delivers unmatched read rates.

Liquid Lens
The DataMan 200 series offers liquid lens technology, which provides rapid hands-free, software-driven autofocus with no moving parts and increased depth of field flexibility.

Industrial Connectivity
The DataMan 200 series offers Ethernet connectivity for real-time tracking, image download, data transfer and effortless plant integration. DataMan 100 series offers RS-232 and USB communications options.


DataMan 100/200 Series Software & Barcode Reading Technology

Software is standardized across DataMan products and is designed for ease of use and maximum flexibility.

Featured capabilities include:


Proprietary Cognex software algorithms give the DataMan 100/200 series unmatched barcode reading performance.