Dataman 700 Series

With award-winning Cognex barcode reading technology that delivers best-in-class barcode reading, the DataMan 750 series is rugged with a lightweight design that is ESD safe.


DataMan 700 Series Handheld Barcode Reader Technologies


The DataMan 700 Series is compact with an ergonomic design, adjustable optics and easily reads well-marked 1-D and 2-D codes on a variety of surfaces. The DataMan 700 Series is ESD safe, has a built-in laser aimer for quick alignment and supports RS-232, USB and PS/2 communications.

ESD Safe
Featuring a rugged, lightweight design, the DataMan 700 series is ideal for applications that require an ESD-safe barcode reader.


Adjustable Optics
The DataMan 700 series features adjustable optics for optimizing resolution and working distance based on the code size that is being read.


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