OBSERVER Metal Detector

It even finds stainless steel in aluminum packages

Keypad overlay with 9 keys and 3 LEDs
Four-line, 20-character, backlit LCD
Interactive prompts for operator guidance
Adjustable speed for conveyor belt control
Displacement proportional to the length
for the “metal signal” up to the point of rejection
Position-specific rejection by light-barrier
Rejection monitoring optional
RS-232C/RS-422 interface port available
for connection of a printer for report generation
Capability for centralized data acquisition by
networkable QA system on request.
Belt control by frequency converter




The OBSERVER metal detector is an exciting
breakthrough in the field of metal detection!
Until now, it has never before been possible
to detect magnetized iron and stainless
steel contaminants in aluminum-packaged
products using a metal detector. Unlike
conventional metal detectors, the new
technology incorporated into the OBSERVER
is impervious to interference or effects
caused by the product to be examined.
Therefore, the unit always provides the
optimal detection sensitivity.
The new Sartorius OBSERVER metal detector
is equipped with specially designed sensors
based on magnetic field measuring technology.
The products to be tested are premagnetized
on the infeed side of the belt, and the
magnetic field sensor unit reliably detects
remanent magnetism of any metal particles
present, even at high belt speeds. Moreover,
the OBSERVER detects stainless steel particles
if shearing or deformation has altered their
crystal structure, as is common during
a normal production run, and they have
become magnetizable as a result.









Detection width                                     300 mm

        Detection height                                     Up to ca. 70 mm per sensor unit

Control outputs (relay | zero current         Metal – 2 potential-free change-over switches
signal principle) for                                Error – 1 potential-free change-over switch

                                                           Test – 1 potential-free change-over switch

Metal signal                                          Adjustable displacement time/length
                                                           Adjustable rejection time/length

Product speed| belt speed (V)                 Vmax = 1.5 m/s
                                                          (higher speed available on request)

Data interface                                       Bidirectional RS-232C/RS422
                                                          (Ethernet via ComServer)

Display                                                Dot matrix, 20 mm plus symbols showing
                                                          operating state; backlit

Enclosure (housing)          Material          Sensor: polystyrene (PS18), grayish white
                                                          Conveyor belt frame and electronics:
                                                          AISI 304 stainless steel
                              Type of protection   Washdown-resistant and dust-tight acc. to
                              acc. to DIN 60529   IP65 (NEMA 4X)

Temperature range                                0°C to +40°C

Power requirements                              100–240 VAC (–15/+10%), 47–440 Hz

Power consumption                               Approx. 50 VA, without downstream

Net weight                                          Approx. 70 kg incl. conveyor belt

Operating height                                  650 to 1,100 mm

Belt width                                           300 mm

Total width                                          1,600 mm incl. rejector
                                                         (other lengths available on request)





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