Secus® – Metal Detection Technology

The Highest Level of Equipment Protection


secus metal detector

– Frequency range 5–50 kHz
– Highly developed electronics to
   compensate for the product effect
– 5.7-inch color touch screen display
– Robust design
– Easy integration into existing product lines
– Protection class IP55, IP66 optional
– "Made in Germany" quality







 A Strong Partner at Your Side

The Sartorius Group is a leading international laboratory and process technology provider with three divisions: Bioprocess Solutions, Lab Products & Services, and Industrial Technologies (also known as Intec). Sartorius Intec offers a comprehensive range of products for the entire manufacturing process of its customers, from receiving incoming goods to releasing outgoing goods. The range covers platform scales, process vessel and silo load cells, right through to checkweighers and equipment for the detection of foreign bodies.
Our strong R&D capacities, which include software development, have helped us carve a leading position for ourselves in the technology market for various product divisions. Furthermore, our global sales, service, and production locations provide our customers with optimal service and support on an international scale.


For many years now, Sartorius has been
active in the field of metal detection
technology and is a reliable partner for
companies operating in the fields of
chemical engineering, rubber, timber, and
coal processing, recycling, and mining.
To ensure proper integration into your
production process, Secus® is available in
various designs:
Secus® C: The standard coil which ensures
maximum sensitivity.
Secus® D: The divisible coil which can be
installed around your conveyor belts without
separating them. It can also be removed
without affecting the conveyor belt.
Secus® U: The under-belt coil which is
positioned beneath the conveyor belt.
Secus® provides highly efficient and
effective protection for your machines.
It prevents metallic foreign bodies from
entering your production process and
therefore keeps downtimes for repairs to a
minimum. Your employees are also reliably
protected against injury from spalling
metallic parts.




High-quality materials and an in-house
production process marked with the quality
seal "Made in Germany" combine to achieve
a product of unsurpassed quality.
Specially designed for heavy industry, it is
the robust design and detection sensitivity
that particularly stand out, having been
especially optimized for the extractive

In order to ensure the highest
levels ofsensitivity and safety, Secus®
provides a learning function for the monitored
This allows the system to adapt to changing
ambient conditions by compensating for the
product effect.
Secus® enables up to four search coils
to be operated via a single control unit
(human interface) and allows for centralized
management of your quality assurance
process. This process can also be implemented
by means of an electronic system
that is separated from the search coil (max.
100 m). The task of monitoring the quality
of the product flow is therefore made easy,
even in cases where the coils are difficult
for the operator to access. In addition,


Secus® provides
a range of data interfaces to
ensure the easy integration of data into your
production system.
Secus® offers an intuitive user interface
with integrated user management. Various
password-protected user authorizations can
be assigned on request. The log function can
be used to keep a record of every change to
the settings and assign each change to a
user. This function, which Sartorius includes
in its standard design, guarantees you
complete transparency of your production
process at all times.
As an option, Secus® can be equipped with a
reduced metal-free zone in order to rule out
the possibility of interference in the direct
vicinity of the search coil resulting from
upstream or downstream production










 over 70 years on the market and undergoing constant development
– efficient and effective protection of your equipment
– has a number of interfaces for integration in your production system
– lots of application possibilities in heavy industry
– highest possible detection sensitivity


Guaranteed Safety


Quality Control and Equipment Protection for Your Benefit


Sartorius metal detectors are used in various industries: chemicals, plastics, recycling, rubber, wood, textiles, stone and soil, power plants, mining, tobacco, and clay.
The protection of expensive production equipment and of employees is the top priority in heavy industry. In addition to the very successful systems from the Vistus®, Observer, and x-ray inspection model ranges, the metal detection solutions listed here also fulfill the task of foreign body detection for equipment protection to the highest level.

 Different Designs Allow for Perfect Integration into Your Production Process

Secus® C: The standard coil ensures
maximum sensitivity. Also available in larger sizes.

Secus® D: The divisible coil can be
installed around existing conveyor belts
without separating them.

Secus® U: The under-belt coil is
positioned beneath the conveyor belt.




Secus® C:
The Secus® C search coil achieves maximum detection accuracy even with larger aperture ranges and has the highest degree of detection
sensitivity in its range. The
Secus® C can also be integrated
in a fall shaft application with
a pipe flap rejector.


secus metal detector

Secus® D
The Secus® D search coil provides all the advantages of a high degree of detection
sensitivity, and thanks to the divisible search head, is easy to install without separating the conveyor belts.

The Secus® D protects downstream machines, such as mills and crushers, from damage caused by metal foreign bodies.





secus metal detector

Secus® Search Coils: Tailored to Your Process

Secus® U
The particularly easy
integration of the Secus® U
under-belt coil under the
conveyor belt achieves the
optimal price|performance
ratio and a high degree of
detection sensitivity at the same time.

secus metal detector

secus metal detector Secus® Evaluation Electronics
– Two-channel technology for the accurate elimination of product  effect
– Microprocessor-controlled for maximum performance
– Manual and automatic phase setting for achieving excellent detection sensitivities
– Extremely easy operation using function keys
– Internal "fail-safe" function monitoring for maximum safety
– Wide variety of interfaces



 System Components

Secus metal detection technology from Sartorius makes it possible to detect
contaminated products early, and reliably separate them from the production process.
We are happy to provide advice on how our wide range can be used to create a
customized solution for you. Overhead Magnetic Separator Electromagnetic separation of
contaminated products. This component is especially suitable for magnetic foreign bodies in
bulk products. Precisely Tailored to Meet Your Needs


Rejection of Faulty Packaged or Bulk Products


Rocker Belt
Mechanical separation of contaminated
products using rocker|swivel arms or
rejection slides. This component is
especially suitable for packaged

 secus metal detector

secus metal detector Sandbag Marker
Marking of contaminated products
as an alternative to mechanical
separation. Contaminated products
are marked with a color label or sandbag.


secus metal detector

Overhead Magnetic Separator
Electromagnetic separation of
contaminated products.

This component is especially suitable for magnetic foreign bodies in bulk products.







secus metal detector 








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