Checkweigher ECONUS

State of the art technology for your weighing processes


ECONUS® is the newest and youngest member of the Minebea checkweigher

family. Designed especially for applications such as completeness checks or control of filling systems. Reliability, user friendliness and high accuracy makes the ECONUS® the perfect choice for a wide range of industries.

Today’s demands on a checkweigher are high and diverse. They reach from precise measuring at high speeds to reliability and ease of cleaning.

The ECONUS® guarantees toprovide accurate and reliableweight measurements.

This highly precise weighing performance is supported by a user-friendly menu system, and an ability to setup and optimize the system quickly by using the integrated learning mode.

Made from the highest quality stainless steel, and with an easy to remove transport belt the ECONUS® can withstand any cleaning regime.


The major benefits offered by the ECONUS® are rounded off by a brilliant and easy to read LCD colour and graphic display, and an impressive range of features, such as a trend controller, completeness checks with a moving average and a program-controlled belt

speed with optimization for each product. Taking into account the high reliability and impressive weighing performance, the ECONUS® offers an excellent price-performance ratio. For almost any industry application requiring precision and robustness the ECONUS® is the best choice.



The construction of the weighing and transportation system allows easy maintenance and cleaning. The quick release belt device allows belt changes to be made incredibly fast, helping to minimize downtime.

A protection class of IP54 (IP65 optional) allows for   optimal cleaning



The ECONUS® convinces the customers by using high quality materials and latest technology features as well as by its attractive price. It is the ideal entry-level solution for many process lines.



The ECONUS® can be configured to any of your individual requirements. It’s offers include a wide range of weight capacities and a variety of different mechanised and electrical options.


Filling Process Optimisation

All weight deviations are reported by both visual and audible alarms. This functionality makes sure that operators can take corrective measures immediately. Additionally, detailed statistics in relation to the production process are automatically generated throughout the process. The ECONUS® is also equipped with trend control, a special feature to automatically optimise the filling process.



The ECONUS® is fully equipped with extensive data interface

functionalities, including remote








Design of Checkweigher

The Checkweigher series ECONUS® includes the following sub-units:


1. Weigher frame

2. Control cabinet with electronic control system

3. Load cell

4. Transport system

5. Rejection device or sorting output (Option)









Weigher frame

Easy to clean open structure stainless steel frame carrying the weighing and conveying system. Adjustable feet allows precise height adjustment.


Control cabinet

Stainless steel control cabinet with electronic control system, housing with IP 54 protection(Optional IP65). Inside are the power supply and motor control. For processes requiring optical control a signal can be installed as an optional accessory.


Electronic control system

The master switch, control and display elements are installed for good accessibility. The high-contrast, easily legible colour graphics display shows all the vital production data without interruption.

Self-explanatory display dialogues, five context-dependent function keys (soft keys) and an alphanumeric keypad with “ABC” input enable quick and easy operation. A user-programmable hot key (joker key)

makes it possible to directly access user-defined functions. Automatic zeroing takes place during production intervals. The product distance can be continuously monitored in the background (option).

All weighing parameters can get optimised for each product with an easy to use Learn Mode to get the best weighing results possible for all products.


Transport system

The conveyor consists of anodised aluminium sections with a quick-release belt de-tensioning mechanism. Belt pulleys and drive rollers are made of hard coated aluminium, d 30 mm.

The quick-release belt mechanism and removable transport systems makes it easy to replace belts and | or the whole transport system. The infeed, weighing and outfeed belts are driven by maintenance-free and precisely balanced 24V EC geared motors, propelled by driving belts.


Reject and sorting devices (Option)

Either an air blower or pusher can be mounted on the out-feed | discharge belt to reject products with a weight outside the control limits. The choice of reject | sorting mechanism is dependent upon the type of product, throughput-rate and the particular application.





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