Minebea SYNUS

A new line for more transparency in the production process

  • Uniquely flexible.







Seeing is believing, and once you have seen the new look in independent dynamic weighing, you won't settle for less:  Minebea SYNUS. The checkweighing system that adapts to your needs, and not the other way around!

Thanks to its unique design, you can tell at a glance that SYNUS is different. Alongside established Minebea checkweighers of the EWK generation, SYNUS sets new standards.

The future-directed conceptual design gives you maximum flexibility for integration into your production line. For example, you can adjust the conveyor height without making any major investments. Even with all its flexible capabilities, SYNUS maintains the high levels of mechatronic accuracy and high throughput you rely on from Minebea.

Let SYNUS help you stay on the safe side and meet the industry requirements of today - and tomorrow. The system is modular through and through for multi-faceted, application-specific options, from transport systems to weighing capacities and resolutions; from evaluation electronics to dimensions, plus a broad array of accessories.

All of the high-performance checkweighers in this comprehensive series are ideal for weighing, checking the completeness of packages, and regulating upstream filling stations - what's more, they are approved in many countries for use in legal metrology (legal-for trade applications) for AWC. National type-approvals as automaticcheckweighers and the OIML certificate R51 have also been issued.Seeing is believing, and once you have seen the new look in independent dynamic weighing, you won't settle for less:  Minebea SYNUS. The checkweighing system that adapts to your needs, and not the other way around!

  •  New design for better cost effectiveness






The sophistication of the basic design unites all SYNUS models and ensures cost-effectiveness in more ways than one. In addition to the attractive purchase price, SYNUS is economical thanks to its compatibility with each of the many available components.

SYNUS models are available with various combinations of mechatronic features and evaluation electronics. They all have one thing in common: the characteristic form, reminiscent of the sine curve that the series is named for, permitting flexible but form-fit and friction locked attachment to the conveyor system. This guarantees a superior degree of mechanical stability with maximum flexibility.

Moreover, all SYNUS models are distinguished by the monolithic electromagnetic force-compensation (EMC) weigh cell from Minebea, specially developed for dynamic checkweighers. Its most impressive features include the exceptionally high precisioncombined with extremely short stabilization times, unbeatable stability and rugged, industry-grade construction (IP protection rating IP54; IP65 optional).





The design engineering of the cantilevered SYNUS weighing and transport system makes it easy to replace belt and weighing tables, thanks to the belt's quick-unlock mechanism and flip-up, removable transport system. The advantages are clear: the system is easily cleanable, thus ensuring the best possible hygiene.

The conveyor is driven by maintenance-free 24V electronically commutated drive motors. Force transmission is implemented by drive belts.

 A range of optional features is available to round out any SYNUS model in the series. A polycarbonate touch guard can be added, for example, to protect the weighing facilityfrom inadvertent contact and from drafts. The touch guard is particularly recommended for use in verifiable systems, or in other applications that require a low zone of indecision.


Airblast nozzle ejectors or pneumatic pushers can be installed on the out feed belt. Optional features for control of customer-specific ejection and sorting mechanisms are also compatible.






  • Setting new standards in operation and evaluation





For evaluation, too, the SYNUS family of electronics systems includes a broad range of features. Even the smallest model, SYNUS 6, has a 6.4'' color TFT flat-screen monitor and a generously proportioned keypad. SYNUS 10 offers even more convenience in operation, with a 10.4'' display. The top-of-the-line model, SYNUS 15, has a 15'' TFT touchscreen.

Operation of SYNUS checkweighers is so simple, even the newest trainees in the company can learn to use it in no time.

Managerial employees can load the information they need quickly, for viewing in easy-to-read graphs or as texts. This makes it easier than ever to control process quality, ensure compliance with AWC regulations and keep track of yield.







The optional trend controller implements effective regulation of upstream filling systems, helping to reduce rejects.


The generous dimensions of the on/off key on the front of the evaluation electronics unit complete the simplified operating design while and at the same time addressing important safety aspects.










  •  Innovative in both documentation and process control

Integration in the ProControl for Windows quality management system from Minebea.


Today, 100% traceable process documentation is indispensable. The SYNUS system offers you a number of options for compliance with supply contracts, standards such as IFS, laws governing AWC, HACCP guidelines, FDA regulations, and the EU's regulation 178/2002 on traceability.

 Minebea data printer

Minebea has a data printer that can be added to any SYNUS checkweigher for manual or automatic printout of input data, intermediate results, batch records, or final reports, for example. This data printer has a take-up system for the paper roll and is enclosed in a rugged industrial housing with IP65protection and a window panel for viewing printouts in progress.

Minebea USB Print

All SYNUS models can be equipped with an easy-to-access, IP65-protected USB interface for digital data storage and processing with-out a network connection. Used with a commercially available USB stick, SYNUS enables fast, easy and paper-free transfer of the data report saved in its internal memory to any computer available on the market, for processing in any standard Web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and in MS Excel version 2003 or later. This means Minebea USB Print keeps consequential costs qualified documentation very low, because in most cases, the required components are already in place.


To prevent unauthorized data access, the SYNUS archiving function can be password-protected. Source data are deleted only after successful transfer.

Minebea ProControl for Windows

If integrating the SYNUS checkweigher into a network is an option, the Minebea ProControl for Windows quality assurance system is the ideal instrument for start-to-finish monitor-ing and statistical documentation of all weight values detected.

With Minebea ProControl for Windows, control of all connected checkweighers and other scales can be centralized for particularly high efficiency. Monitoring and evaluation modules afford a complete overview at a glance, so adjustments and corrections can bemade as needed before system efficiency is affected. Furthermore, intermediate statistics are automatically stored in the database as the data is collected.



















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