WBW Washdown Scales

WBW scales are highly versatile weighing machines that includes chweckweighing features for ensuring product standardization. The WBW is used within a wide range of industries including food service, retail, agriculture and cosmetics.

WBW washdown scales feature IP66-rated waterproof housing and a large stainless steel weighing pan that can be easily cleaned down after use. WBW scales utlilize multi-coloured checkweighing light indicators to warn if a sample is under or over preset limits. Power is supplied by AC adapter and rechargeable battery, and auto power-off conserves battery life.

Features and Benefits


  • IP66-rated forprotectionagainstwateranddust


  • Adjustablelevelingfeethelpoptimize setup
  • Color-codedkeysfacilitatequickrecognitionofthemostfrequentlyusedbuttons
  • Large, grade 304 stainlesssteel pan allowsswiftcleaning
  • Lightweightdesignsimplifiestransportandportability
  • Solid ABS housingisdurableforindustrialuse
  • Overloadprotectionhelpspreventdamageto internal components


  • Audibleoverload alarm warnswhencapacityisexceeded
  • Externalcalibrationallowsforverificationandadjustmentwithweights
  • Simpleoperationallowsquickstartupandusewithlittleornotraining
  • Zero-trackingfeatureensuresdisplayreturnsto zero reading


  • Vivid, backlit LCD easilyvisible in anylightingconditions
  • Programmablebacklightcanbe set to “alwayson,” “alwaysoff” or “lightonlywhenweighing”
  • Capacitytrackerbuiltintodisplayforeasilymonitoringpossibleoverloads
  • CheckweighingLEDsclearlyshowunder, over andacceptablelimits


  • Rechargeablebatteryincludedforoperationalmostanywhere
  • Programmable auto power-offtosaveenergy
  • AC adapter included
WBW Key Specification
CAPACITY5lb / 2kg to 35lb / 16kg
READABILITY0.0005lb / 0.2g to 0.005lb / 2g