Warrior® Washdown Scales

Warrior scales feature durable, IP66-rated stainless steel bases and sealed indicator for operation in wet environments or easy cleaning after weighing. The Warrior includes a wide range of applications; built-in check weighing with coloured LED lights simplifies repetitive sample weighing, whilst dynamic/ animal weighing functions can be used for weighing pets, small animals or for facilitating liquid measurement in laboratories.

The large display is backlit for easy reading, reducing the chance of errors when transcribing results.With data output via a RS-232 interface and optional relay triggers, the Warrior can be set to control other devices. 

Warrior scales meet the demands of washdown and clean room environments in most applications, including food, pharmaceutical, veterinary, industrial and manufacturing tasks.

Features and Benefits


  • IP66-rated forprotectionagainstwateranddust


  • Color-codedkeysfacilitatequickrecognitionofthemostfrequentlyusedbuttons
  • Heavy-dutyrubberfeetensurestabilityof unit
  • Large, grade 304 stainlesssteel pan allowsswiftcleaning
  • Overloadprotectionhelpspreventdamageto internal components
  • Ruggedstainlesssteelconstructionforultimatedurability
  • Sealedkeypadprotectsagainstdirtandspills
  • Simplekeyoperationallowsforeasy set upandoperation
  • Optional RS-232 interfaceisavailabletoprovidespeedyconnectiontocomputersandprinters


  • Checkweighingwithaudible alarm
  • Externalcalibrationallowsforverificationandadjustmentwithweights
  • Partscountingwithpresetsamplesizes
  • Selectable digital filteringforanimal/dynamicweighingenablesconsistentresultsformovingsubjects
  • Zero-trackingfeatureensuresdisplayreturnsto zero reading


  • Vivid, backlit LCD easilyvisible in anylightingconditions
  • Programmablebacklightcanbe set to “alwayson,” “alwaysoff” or “lightonlywhenweighing”
  • Capacitytrackerbuiltintodisplayforeasilymonitoringpossibleoverloads
  • CheckweighingLEDsclearlyshowunder, over andacceptablelimits


  • Rechargeablebatteryincludedforoperationalmostanywhere
  • Programmable auto power-offtosaveenergy
  • AC adapter included
WSK Key Specification
CAPACITY35lb / 16kg
READABILITY0.002lb / 1g
REPEATABLITY0.004lb / 2g
PAN SIZE9.8"x9.8" / 250x250mm