Dataman 360 Series Image-Based Barcode Readers

When high-performance, flexibility and ease of use are essential for your ID Code reading application, the DataMan ® 360 series delivers. The DataMan 360 series reads a wide range of 1-D linear and 2-D matrix symbologies. Powerful ImageMax technology with a high powered liquid lens and a high-powered illumination enhances image formation and maximizes read rates for even the most challenging dot-peen or laser marked DPM codes.










Advanced algorithms for reliable 1-D code reading

1DMax ® is a 1-D barcode reading algorithm optimized for omnidirectional barcode reading. Hotbars ® II technology locates, extracts and decodes low-resolution 1-D barcodes quickly and accurately. Combining these two powerful technologies offers extraordinary read rates at very high speeds.







Features at-a-glance

  • 1DMax with Hotbars II technology enables high-speed reading of lowresolution and damaged or poorly printed 1-D barcodes.
  • 2DMax and PowerGrid technology reliably reads challenging 2-D codes, including previously unreadable 2-D codes without visible perimeters.
  • Field changeable optics and lighting, including ImageMax technology, provides enhanced image formation. Flexible illumination and optics allows for reading of codes at varying working distances.
  • Auto-tune and trigger buttons simplify reader set up and configuration without a PC. Optimal image formation of any code in any environment

Combining texture and shape for best-in-class 2-D code reading

2DMax ® provides reliable 2-D code reading despite code quality, printing method or the surface that the codes are marked on. Patent pending PowerGrid™ technology locates and reads 2-D codes that exhibit significant damage to or complete elimination of the finder pattern, clocking pattern, or quiet zone. These combined technologies provide increased read rates and decoding robustness for the most difficult and degraded codes.







Optimal image formation of any code in any environment

ImageMax technology is specifically designed to read challenging DPM codes on a variety of round, reflective or specular surfaces using a combination of cross polarized and co-linear polarized LEDs and a high powered lens with liquid lens technology. ImageMax technology auto-focuses to read small codes at variable working distances and provides even illumination to reliably read hard to read DPM codes. The one-piece, ESD-safe metal housing simplifies installation and prevents equipment damage.







DataMan barcode reader quick setup app

This convenient web-based app allows you to remotely set up and configure your networked Ethernet-based fixed-mount barcode readers on your phone or mobile device. Available from Google Play or iTunes App Store, this app allows you to see images in real-time, adjust and share configuration settings among multiple readers, save and send images, and much more. You can even troubleshoot issues and check read rates anywhere on your factory or distribution center floor without using a PC.