Enercon Super Seal Max

For High Speed Induction Cap Sealing

The Super Seal™ Max is the latest development in the Super Seal™ Touch range of equipment. This dual coil induction cap sealer offers increased power and a multi-language touch screen for a simpler operation.As one of the fastest in-line sealers on the market, the Super Seal™ Max is designed for high speed applications in the packaging industry. This advanced induction cap sealer delivers reliable foil sealing with a diverse operating window that compensates for cap, liner and container tolerance variations.








Super Seal Max features:

  • System functionality
  • Multiple language selection
  • Easy to use touch screen design
  • Supervisory password protection with operator lockout
  • Recipe management
  • Internal monitoring of all critical operating data
  • Container, cap and foil counters available
  • Control & integration options
  • Local and remote start/stop controls
  • Local and remote power controls
  • Remote network control and monitoring via RS485 or Ethernet
  • Air-cooled
  • Robust stainless steel fully adjustable stand for different container heights
  • Seals a variety of caps ranging from 20mm – 140mm
  • Fully compliant with all CE regulations
  • Power consumption: Single phase, 230V, 50Hz, 5amps