X-ray inspection system Dymond

Safety and product quality for packaged food

The innovative X-ray inspection system Dymond reliably detects foreign objects, including in desserts, salad mixes or ready-made meals. At the same time, the system helps to check important quality attributes, such as mass, filling levels, completeness and integrity.

For reliable inline inspection of packaged food

  • For maximum product quality, Dymond reliably detects foreign objects, such as metal, glass, stone, bone and various plastics – regardless of their shape, size and position.
  • Dymond guarantees safe inspection of food products in cartons, boxes, sachets, bags, trays and even metallised single portion packs.
  • The X-ray inspection system comprises four configurable models for a range tailored to every requirement. Belt widths of up to 800 mm allow multi-lane applications with a maximum of eight lanes.
  • The X-ray inspection system Dymond can be integrated into any network via SPC@Enterprise, OPC-UA, ModBus and Ethernet.

Dymond – Inline inspection and integration into your networks

All of the Dymond series X-ray inspection devices guarantee reliable vertical inspection. Foreign objects made from metal, glass, stone, bone and various plastics are detected inside food packaging and eliminated from the production line. A broad range of standard functions also ensure product integrity and quality, for example through